Which poker players have the most SCOOP titles? (2022 edition)

With SCOOP 2022 around the corner, we take a look at the greatest SCOOP players of all time, the pros who have won more trophies than anybody else.

At the top of the list is Calvin Anderson with 10 titles. As of 2021, both Mike Watson and Jussi Nevanlinna made it to joint second place with seven titles a piece. Shawn Buchanan, Connor Drinan and Benny Glaser each have six SCOOP titles. Will anyone be able to topple the rankings this year? Let’s delve deeper.

Calvin “cal42688” Anderson – 10 titles

Calvin Anderson is an online poker pro who has an incredible 10 SCOOP titles to his name, far more than any other player. This earns him the top spot as number one SCOOP player of all time.

Anderson’s SCOOP record demonstrates a striking consistency of results. Aside from 2012, he’s won at least one title every year from 2010 to 2018. Note the variation too. Anderson has a title for nearly every type of poker in existence.

2010 – 17L: $16.50 Pot Limit Omaha (6-Max, rebuys) – $26,940
2011 – 25M: $215 7 Card Stud H/L – $13,090
2011 – 27H: $2,100 Razz – $46,200
2013 – 25M: $215 FL Hold’em (6-Max) – $23,643
2014 – 38H: 2,100 HORSE – $47,065
2015 – 13H: $2,100 Stud – $36,600
2016 – 40L: $27 8-Game – $7,511
2017 – 13H: $530 NLHE (3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, PKO) – $62,919
2018 – 19H: $2,100 NLHE (6-Max) – $126,659
2018 – 26H: $1,050 FLO8 (8-Max) – $26,305

It’s been three years since Calvin Anderson has won a SCOOP title and yet no one has knocked him off the top spot. Could 2022 be the year that it finally happens?


Mike “SirWatts” Watson – 7 titles

Mike “SirWatts” Watson is a player who is still very much on the up. An exceptional performance in 2020 catapulted the Canadian pro right up the SCOOP Hall of Fame list, and one more in 2021 topped it off to make seven titles – joint only with Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna.

Watson has always showed versatility when it comes to his results. His SCOOP story is no different. Watson’s seven titles come from no less than six distinctly different variations of poker.

Mike Watson

2015 – 29M: $215 PL Omaha (6-Max) – $58,368
2015 – 37H: $2,100 PL Omaha Hi/Lo – $65,320
2019 – 73H: $5,200 6+ Hold’em – $94,915
2020 – 51H: $1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw – $22,050
2020 – 66H: $2,100 NLHE – $80,642
2020 – 113H: $1,050 6+ Hold’em (6-Max) – $29,997
2021 – 78-H: $1,050 FL Badugi 6-Max – $20,038

With so much of his SCOOP success coming in recent years, Watson will be one to watch in 2022 events. Could he slip ahead and gain yet more trophies this time around?


Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna – 7 titles

Finnish pro Jussi Nevanlinna had an epic year in 2021, securing two more SCOOP titles to make it seven in total.

You’ll notice that Nevanlinna, like many of the players mentioned here, targets not only Hold’em, but all formats of poker. He also plays at all stakes, with titles in $5.50 games as well as $1k events.

Nevanlinna’s 2021 double was a story in itself – two titles on the same night, in the same event. One in the low stakes version and one in the high stakes version of the FLO8.

Seven and counting for Nevanlinna

2021 – 21-L: $11 FLO8 8-Max – $4,534
2021 – 21-H: $1,050 FLO8 8-Max – $23,735
2018 – 28L: $5.50 NLHE – $4,431
2018 – 46L: $5.50 8-Game – $2,130
2016 – 40M: $215 8-Game – $18,506
2015 – 28M: $215 Stud Hi/Lo – $14,630
2014 – 14M: $215 PL Omaha [Heads-Up] – $26,979

Recent results suggest Nevanlinna will be active again this time around. He’s a serious competitor to one day knock Calvin Anderson off the top spot.

Shawn “buck21” Buchanan – 6 titles

For any player, getting your hands on one SCOOP title is challenging enough. Shawn Buchanan is one of only a few to ever win six titles. He’s taken down Razz, Omaha and NLHE tourneys, with variations including Turbos, Zoom and Shootouts.

Buchanan’s slow and steady climb through the SCOOP ranks peaked in 2016 with an epic triple title. Since then, he’s been a little quieter on the poker front, seemingly content with his list of achievements.

Shawn Buchanan

2012 – 28H: $2,100 Razz – $44,145
2013 – 18H: $2,100 NLHE Shootout – $118,800
2014 – 27H: $1,050+R PL 5-Card Omaha H/L (6-Max, Turbo) – $97,760
2016 – 14H: $2,100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom) – $82,160
2016 – 24M: $2,100 NLHE High Roller (8-Max) – $270,125
2016 – 52H: $2,100 NLHE (8-Max) – $214,436

What we do know is that Buchanan played SCOOP 2021 and that he’s already taken a stab at the SCOOP 2022 Phased event. He’s active and will be looking to make it seven.


Connor “blanconegro” Drinan – 6 titles

It’s fair to say that Connor Drinan’s online poker career reached new heights in 2020 when he became the first player in history to win five SCOOP titles in one series.

How did he do this? By absolutely crushing the Omaha events, including the $10k PLO Main Event, which earned Drinan his biggest ever online score of $322,264.

Connor Drinan

2019 – 70-M: $2,100 High Roller (8-Max) – $167,574
2020 – 34-H: $530 PLO8 (8-Max) – $34,420
2020 – 40-H: $5,200 PLO (6-Max) – $152,011
2020 – 45-M: $215 NLO8 (6-Max) PKO – $28,358
2020 – 56-H: $1,050 HORSE – $30,232
2020 – 75-H: $10,300 PLO, 6-Max, PLO Main Event – $322,264

Although he couldn’t repeat the same level of success in 2021 (it would be a miracle if he did), Drinan is still very much active and considered an excellent player among the pros. He could well be on the hunt for more trophies during SCOOP 2022.


Benny “RunGodLike” Glaser – 6 titles

The only other player to have earned six SCOOP titles is Benny “RunGodLike” Glaser. He’s consistently crushed Omaha, Stud and Mixed Games to earn a title nearly every year since 2016.

Glaser earned a fifth title in 2020 and a sixth title in 2021, bringing him to joint third place as one of the greatest SCOOP players of all time.

Benny “RunGodlike” Glaser

2021 – 73-M: $215 PLO 6-Max, PKO – $29,549
2020 – 06-H: $2,100 8-Game – $54,853
2019 – 13-M: 2-7 Triple Draw – $215 – $14,667
2019 – 41-H: 8-Game – $1,050 – $45,840
2018 – 17L: $22 FLHE – $6,201
2016 – 33H: $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo – $54,390

In 2021, Benny Glaser won a SCOOP title, WCOOP title (he has four in total) and WSOP bracelet (he has four of those too). That’s quite an incredible year. So don’t be at all surprised to see him locking up yet more trophies in 2022.


Players with five SCOOP titles

The following players all have five SCOOP titles to their name:

Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos (UK)
Jason “JasonMercier” Mercier (UK/Canada)
Luke “lb6121” Schwartz (UK)
Niklas “Lena900” Åstedt (Sweden)
João “Naza114” Vieira (Netherlands)
Nicolas “niccc” Chouity (Lebanon)
Patrick “pads1161” Leonard (UK)
Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi (UK)
Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira (Netherlands/Portugal)
Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb (Mexico/USA)

As you can see, that’s quite the list of elite poker pros who have five titles – many are still active and will have every chance of locking up more trophies during SCOOP 2022. Keep your eyes peeled. We could have a new hierarchy of greatest SCOOP players by the end of the series.



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