Will you qualify for the new £5,000 boiler grant?

The government this week unveiled its new £450m Boiler Upgrade scheme, which could provide homeowners with £5,000 grants towards the cost of replacing their old oil or gas boilers with more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as heat pumps.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is a key part of the government’s ‘Heat and Buildings Strategy’, which aims to tackle emissions created by homes and businesses. The scheme aims to provide funding to 90,000 households across England and Wales to replace their oil or gas boilers with green energy alternatives.

One of the main alternatives to gas or oil boilers are heat pumps, which essentially work by drawing warmth from either the air or the ground, condensing it and pumping it around your home. They more than halve carbon emissions from heating your home, are highly efficient and depending on your property, provide cheaper running costs, but the main barrier to more people having them in their homes is the significant upfront installation costs, which can range from £5,000 to £15,000.

The point of the grant is therefore to bring the cost of a heat pump down to a similar level as a standard boiler installation, with the aim that by 2030 it will cost the same to install a green heating option as a gas boiler. As a further part of the Heat and Buildings Strategy, the government is also investing £60million worth of funding in pioneering heat pump technologies to further support the goal of making green energy a more affordable option for everyone in the future.

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